Computer Sales & Service

Wheather your looking for a new custom built machine or to upgrade and tweak an old system, PCS can accomodate. Being in business here in Berwick for the past 12 years we have made a lot of friends and repeat customers. We can provide any computer service that you may need. See below.

What We Do!

Custom Builds

Computer Systems built to suit your needs

Some times an off the shelf PC is all a customer needs. But if your running photo editing software or movie editing, if you are a gamer, or if you just want superior performance when you have several apps running and many pages open at once, off the shelf just won't cut it.

Repairs & Upgrades

Hardware and Software troubleshooting

Hardware and software repairs, wipe and reloads, software installation, upgrade and expand your memory and storage, what ever you need. If its going to cost more to repair than to replace....we will let you know up front.

Virus & Malware removal

Clean up and tune up to improve overall performance

Malware can be slowing down your computer without you knowing it. A bug that has been detected and removed could have already made changes to your operating system to hamper performance. Its a good practice to have your computer checked and cleaned at very least yearly.

Mobile Service

Yes we make house calls!

We offer mobile service at a reasonable rate. Of course virus removal and wipe and reloads are cheaper if you drop your PC off because we can flat rate these jobs at the office where we dont have to work on just one computer at a time.