Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Most people have no idea what graphic design is. Creating logos, "photoshoping pictures", making ads, brochures, business cards, and creating eye catching designs for web pages are only the componets of the big picture.

Design is everywhere

Eye catching art that represents a product is in your face every day and effects the choices you make.


Graphic design is about sending a message about your product or service. A good designer can interpret a clients needs and find a balance between aesthetics and function.

Putting it all together

Graphic design is about balancing all the componets. Hierarchy to create organisation, contrast for impact and to highlight important areas, repetition to strengthen the message, and alignment to simplify and organize the entire design.

What We Do

We can design a logo for your card or use your existing one. We can have your cards printed for you or send a high quality PDF to your favourite printers.

Your logo should be unique and clearly represent your business.
Anything you need that involves some creative design.


Place Mat

This is a fund raising place mat created for Rivewrview Lions Club


Logo Design

Logo designed for Hearth Energy And Technology



Simple little logo created for Valley Lions Radio Bingo



Example of how fonts can be manipulated and a swoosh added when creating unique logos


Christmas Card

Custom Christmas Card



A sample of our photography for one of our web sites